Ecole Montessori Internationale Jardin du Luxembourg


"EXPRESS YOURSELF" : atelier d'anglais d'expression créative et corporelle

(un atelier pour les enfants de 3 à 6 ans et un atelier pour les enfants à partir de 6 ans; min. 6 inscrits pour confirmer le cours et max. 10 enfants par séance)

Ouverture des inscriptions pour les enfants inscrits actuellement à l'école le samedi 13 AVRIL 2019 à 12h (priorité donnée jusqu'au vendredi 19 AVRIL 2019 au soir).

Ouverture des inscriptions pour les enfants externes à partir du samedi 20 AVRIL 2019.


In this workshop, kids take part in a series of activities (songs, dancing, dramatization, active meditation, etc.) aimed at developing their hidden potentials, imagination, creativity and a sense of well-being.
They familiarize with proxemics and deal with boundaries with the help of music, dramatization, art, dancing and mindfulness activities. Play provides children with the opportunity to learn about the world; they experiment their unique ways of being in it.  Play is serious, purposeful business through which they develop mentally, physically and socially. Children tend to express feelings through image and metaphor in a spontaneous way thanks to their creativity. Active imagination and total physical response activities are keys to this workshop. 
Music is the melody of it.

Teacher : Flavia 
I am a Cambridge qualified Teacher of English with almost 15 years of experience teaching children and adults of any age and level in different countries. Achieved a Master Degree in Linguistics and Literature in Rome. Being bilingual (Italian/ English) for family reason brought me to travel a lot and experiment different cultures and ways of teaching/learning. 
Communicative approach and ludic techniques have always been key to my job. I believe every human being needs to have a motivation to learn and teachers should facilitate the ‘becoming aware’ process especially in kids, enhancing their inner potential. For this reason, I qualified as a Gestalt Counsellor, a type of therapy focusing on people’s needs and emotions helping their awareness process through non-verbal communication and art. I am currently working both as a teacher and as a Gestalt therapist in Paris for individuals and groups. Teaching for me is a way of learning and having fun!

pour les enfants de 3 à 6 ans, mardi de 16h15 à 17h15 (goûter en début d'atelier, apporté par la famille)

pour les enfants à partir de 6 ans, mardi de 17h15 à 18h


PREMIER ATELIER: mardi 10 septembre 2019
DERNIER ATELIER: mardi 16 juin 2020

L'atelier est ouvert à tous les enfants, soit de l'école (en priorité), soit aux externes.

Ici le lien pour la demande d'inscription.

247 RUE SAINT JACQUES 75005 PARIS - Tél:  +33(0) 9 80 90 26 70 -